Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pearl Earrings

Do you want to buy the best pearl earrings for yourself or a loved one but aren't sure where to begin? Or have you been looking for new ways to adorn your ears? Whatever your reason, the guide below will provide you with all the necessary information to select and wear this beautiful stunner.


Why Buy Pearl Earrings?

We adore all pearl accessories alike, but pearl earrings are unquestionably the little black dress of jewelry. Why? Because pearls are not only classy, but they are also very attractive to the complexion. Their sensuality and sensitivity are unique. But, before you rush into the first jewelry shop you see and buy the first pair of earrings you see, be sure your investment is worthwhile.

You may be wondering, "Don't they all look the same?" You'll be amazed at how unique and beautiful these treasures are. One of the best jewelry investments is a pair of pearl earrings. They'll be an absolute staple in your wardrobe, and you won't have to worry about them going out of style or not matching all of your outfits. They simply fit and may give an immediate shine to your face, regardless of your age, complexion, style, or size.



What Are The Different Pearl Earring Styles?

Where do you start after you've decided on a budget? You've heard of studs and hoops, but what about other kinds of earrings? As you'll see below, pearl earrings come in a wider range of designs than you would think. Most women have the impression that pearl earrings are something you'd take from your mother's jewelry box, but they're so much more.

  • Pearl stud earrings: Women who seek a versatile accessory that works with anything from denim to little black dresses can go for pearl stud earrings. Pearl studs are suitable for every event and dress code due to their small size, for example, our Elegant Pearl Stellar Studs Silver Earrings.
  • Pearl drop earrings: With a twist, pearl drop earrings have the simplicity of studs. This type of earring hangs just below the earlobe and has a pearl that "drops" at the bottom. Drop-style earrings are suitable for daily use, but they may also be worn with a classy evening outfit. Check out our Pink Stars Features Pearl Threader Earringsif you’re looking for cute pearl drop earrings.
  • Dangle pearlearrings: These earrings are similar to drop pearl earrings. However, dangle pearl earrings are often longer. Choose dangle earrings with just one tiny pearl for a more understated look. Choose a pair with many large pearls to glam up a basic outfit.
  • Chandelier pearl earrings: Chandelier pearl earrings have an extended drop in the style of chandeliers that dangles below the ear, making them ideal for formal events like weddings and gala dinners.
  • Climbers/crawlers: These earrings add a modern twist to traditional pearls. When worn, these earrings "climb" up the ear lobe yet only need one piercing. Megan Markle has been seen wearing crawler earrings recently, and the trend is growing in popularity.
  • Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings come in various shapes and sizes, and depending on the size, they can be worn for casual, business, or social occasions. Large hoop earrings give a fun touch to an elegant outfit, while little hoop earrings are more suitable for the workplace.


Pearl Shapes

Each of the pearl types you've learned about can be found in a variety of shapes - including, believe it or not, shapes other than round!

  • Round pearls are the most well-known but also the most difficult to come by. Only around 5% of pearls harvested on a farm are completely round.
  • Drop pearls, also known as oval pearls, are symmetrically extended and shaped like a teardrop. Due to the way they flatter all face forms, they are one of the most popular choices for earrings.
  • The shape of Baroque pearls is the most irregular, and no two pearls are the same. They're all asymmetrical, with a variety of shapes ranging from almost spherical to curved or lumpy.
  • Button pearls are similar to buttons in that they seem to be squished, as the name implies. Freshwater pearls are more likely to have this form.
  • Circles are a subset of baroque pearls, except that they feature circles around the circumference of the pearl. Freshwater, Tahitian black pearls, and South Sea pearls all have this unique and distinctive shape.

Final Thoughts 

If you're unsure what to wear next time you go for your favorite earrings, consider pearls. The pearl is your best friend whether you're feeling flirty, sophisticated, or elegant and beautiful. It just represents the best qualities of a woman: confidence, brightness, strength, grace, and elegance. Pearl earrings can be more than just another piece of jewelry in your collection; they can be a distinct personal statement and a celebration of femininity.

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